Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a Peachy Day

I started my morning today full of optimism and hope for what was sure to be a full-of-fun day to kick off summer vacation. We were attending a MeetUp playgroup -- a visit to the fire station!
My friend Nicole and I and our kids gave ourselves plenty of time to get there, since it was in a neighboring town about half an hour away. We pulled up and I got my first mood-dampening piece of news: there had been an accident (somebody must've REALLY been in the mood for deals - a car went through the Dollar General) so there was no one at the station. As more moms and kids arrived, we all stood around talking and the kids played in the dirt (yay -- fun!) and waited patiently for someone to come and give us a tour. Forty-five minutes later, we decided to reschedule. The other moms went to a nearby playground, but I had to get home for speech therapy for Bunny.
I decided to take the back way home since it was faster, but I didn't realize there was a bridge out. GROAN. Instead of retracing my route like any sane person, I decided there MUST be a way to get around the bridge. I turned right, then left, and then had no idea where I was. Bug was not helpfully giving me directions (how does a six-year old know where we are??) and I was quickly becoming frustrated. I finally found a cross-street that sounded familiar and in thirty more long short minutes we were home. Yay!
I quickly finished cleaning the house lest our therapist realize that three kids at home all day make messes, then sat down to check my e-mail. Second surprise: someone (ahem - my mom) had cashed a check I'd asked her to wait on and our bank account had taken a hit. I was now really not in a good mood and when Bug had a bad attitude about something a minute later, I took it out on her. Not my finest hour. I sent her to her room so that she I could calm down, then followed her a few minutes later and apologized. Totally my fault, and I knew it. MY bad mood had ruined everyone else's day. Not cool, me.
After a good talk and some prayer, we decided to do something to make us feel better. We had some peaches that a co-worker had given Shawn and we needed to eat them or use them quickly. Looking through the cabinets to see what we had, I determined that we should make a peach crisp.
Soon the smell of yumminess wafted through the house and then...
I got a third surprise: Shawn had a half day today (a GOOD surprise!!!) and totally lifted my spirits when he walked in the door and said he was done for the day -- and the year (he's a high school teacher)! Hooray! He starts at the YMCA on Monday, but between now and then he is all ours.
Excuse me while I go stuff my face with peach crisp. It's looking like a great day!

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