Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Days

Yikes. So I've failed again... summertime blogging is HARD! I think I forgot how crazy-busy it can get around here with the kids home full-time.
[Also, my MIL lent me The Hunger Games and after reading that, I promptly had to go buy the next two books and ignored my kids (and this blog thing) for three days until I finished. Have you read them? What did you think?]
We had a fantastic time at the beach with my family - my kids adore their cousins and with 8 kids total, it was a pretty happening party at all times.
I did manage to score a couple of prints for the wall in our master bathroom. They had nasty silver and black frames but for $2.50 a pop, they were well worth a little spray paint as well!
We've lived in this house for five years and have taken the room-by-room approach to making it to our liking, but it sure is taking forever! The living room, dining room, kitchen, hall bath, and girls' room are done (at least the big stuff... the little stuff changes constantly). That leaves the master bedroom, bath, and baby's room. Okay, I know he's not a baby, but he's THE baby. Anyways, now that I have a couple of pictures on the wall in the master bath, I only lack curtains. That should be finished sometime this summer whenever I get a chance to go to Hobby Lobby and find the perfect material. Or I love here and here if I have a couple of hours to spare for browsing.
Where do you buy fabric? Our Hobby Lobby is the only place left in town. I wish we at least had a Jo-Ann or something.
Tomorrow is Library Day -- yay! This will be our first trip this summer and I'm looking forward to seeing all they have to offer through their summer program. Should be lots of fun!

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  1. Those look like GREAT pics for 2.50 a piece! What a find!

    We usually go to Hobby Lobby or Jo Annes for fabric... Hancock sometimes, but we have to be looking for something specific that we know they have. Also the first two usually have other stuff that I'm looking for too, so it creates less trips.