Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old is the New New

Here's our old swingset:
Not too shabby for being a Freecycle find five years ago. But Bug and Bear are too big for it now and so a couple of months ago I listed it back on Freecycle and someone came and picked it up the same day.
My husband coaches a swim team at the high school he works at and one of his swimmers offered us her old swingset that was still in her backyard. We agreed to take it off her hands (I know, that was nice of us, wasn't it?) and so we finally got it transported yesterday.
It's really not that much fancier, but the kids think it's the best ever. And I do too. It's much sturdier than the other one and won't tip over when Bug swings (ahem... not that the other one ever did that). So here's to a summer of swinging and sliding!

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