Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little B

Nicknames. Do you have one? My three kids do. The oldest has been "Bug" since the day she was born. The second has been "Bear" since she was conceived. And the baby? Poor little guy. Imagine him 15 years down the road, playing middle linebacker in front of 11,249* screaming fans, when his mother yells, "GO, BUNNY!!!!" The players stop, mouths agape, fans and opponents alike howl in laughter, I shrink down into my seat...
In my defense, there's not too many animals left that start with B. I mean, what were my choices? Beaver? Bobcat? Bull? I don't know. Are any of those any better?

*Actual capacity at Valdosta High School's stadium


  1. Bunny better not be running in Valdosta Stadium in 15 years...because his little fluffy white tail better be back in Virginia! WMC

  2. You are absolutely right. And, by the way, I thought of you when coming up with yesterday's post title.

  3. what Mike said. And he could go to my kids' school where we sit on the hill and there's only a handful of peeps :) to embarrass him in front of.