Friday, May 20, 2011

The Seven Year Stitch

So I started this cross stitch almost 7 years ago. I think that's a record, no? It was supposed to be a baby gift for a friend whose son is turning 7 this November. Oops. Think they still want it?
Anyways, I put it away when I found out I was pregnant with number 2 and pulled it out occasionally after that. I finally got serious about it again about a month ago and resolved to work on it until it's finished. Here's a picture of it last Friday:
And here's today:
They look the same, right? Unfortunately, they're not. There's about 4 hours worth of white stitching that you can't really see. I HATE stitching white on white. I feel like I'm going to go blind. I can only do it during the daytime, too, because it's just too much of a strain on my eyes otherwise. I sound so OLD!
I'm looking forward to the weekend. Bug's last soccer game is tomorrow morning and I hope she annihilates the other team plays nicely. Maybe I'll even remember to take my camera!

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  1. now art projects too, do you still have kids? LOL yay, so happy you are bloggin' again!