Thursday, May 19, 2011

The MotherHood

One of the things I sometimes don't like about staying home is the staying home part. I guess I could get out more often, but it's hard. I might sound whiny to those of you who have more than three kids (and I know mine are old enough that it's not nearly the hassle it used to be) but I detest going anywhere with all of them. If I HAVE to make a trip to Wal-Mart, it better be quick! The kids are having fun, but I lose it after about 10 minutes.
I'm pretty much a homebody, but sometimes I feel like I miss out on opportunities that I want to take advantage of [I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition (I did... go back and read it... you probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out)]. One of those things is a regular Bible study group. That's why i love, LOVE, Good Morning Girls. It's a big big group made up of much smaller groups (mine currently has 8 women, I think) who all read and study the same Scripture every day and then share what they learned. Our group is linked up through Facebook. And I didn't know these other women before I started (except for my friend Nicole who told me about it) but I am thankful that I know them now! It's a wonderful experience to be a part of, and I love that I get the same interaction as I would through a face-to-face group except that I can do it in my jammies. I'm on my second study with my group and we're doing The Ministry of Motherhood (there's a book, but I'm just doing the Scripture part). I love, LOVE (again) being excited about studying God's Word and I love the accountability and I love the topic with all the right verses exactly when I need them.
If you find yourself wanting to join a Bible study but just don't feel like you have the time, then you should check it out. Have I told you that I love it?

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