Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Ahhh... July. This year, my favorite month. Rarely am I so happy to be so busy. We kicked off tonight with a fun cookout with some neighbor-friends and the whole family had a blast - including my mom and her husband who are visiting for the weekend. Tomorrow morning, before they go home, we're going to pick peaches. Yum - I think I've picked more fresh fruit this year than ever before!
Next weekend, we head off to Blue Ridge, Georgia for a week with my dad and my sister's family. That should be exciting - 5 adults and 8 kids all in 1 huge house!
Then when we get back, I jet off to New York City for a weekend with my friend Kelly. By myself!! I think that's a new record -- two trips by myself in three months!
THEN, the last weekend, it's our nine year wedding anniversary and Shawn and I are headed to a fabulous bed and breakfast in Amelia Island, Florida for a couple of days.
Whew! The day after we get back, Shawn has to be back at school. Can you believe school starts the first week of August this year? Yuck. Even though we're starting homeschool this year, we decided to stick to the school calendar to make it easier. We'll simply take off whatever days Shawn has off and hopefully finish out the year at the same time. I'm getting excited!
This summer has gone by quickly but I'm glad we've had so many activities to keep us busy. As the kids get older, it's so much easier to do a variety of things and travel more. And I didn't think I would be, but I'm glad. I'm a homebody and like to stay home, but we've had a great break from school and have gotten to spend a lot of time together as a family. Hooray for summer!

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  1. NYC, I'm so jealous. I want to come. without kids. are you all going to see a show?

    First week of August? Craziness, we are going back on the week of the 22nd I think?

    What is Shawn's exact schedule for the week of the girls' bdays? That's when we are going to Fla, so we want to be able to see you :)