Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No more pencils, no more books... Day 1

Today was Awards Day at school. It lasted an hour, and then - boom - it was summer. Hooray! I know some moms dread 24 hours with their kids for 3 months, but I revel in it. At least for the first week or two. This summer will be a little different since we're trying to sell the house. I was really hoping it would be off the market by now so we'd have more freedom to make messes, but no such luck. So I've been thinking up ways to keep us all busy and out of the house without spending a whole lot of money.
I've come up with a tentative schedule of activities in the morning, lunch and rest time at home, then an afternoon of some sort of clean/quiet-ish activity. Today, we went swimming at the in-laws' pool, then came home and had hot dogs, then rested for an hour (I was the only one to fall asleep... haha). I wasn't sure what we were going to do this afternoon, but then - a saving grace - grandma called and wanted to see if the kids wanted to come over and spend the night. Hallelujah! Tomorrow after we pick them up, we're going to pick peaches and then come home and bake stuff with them.
I thought I'd document this summer so I could look back and see the slow gradual descent into insanity. At what point will I start spouting gibberish and let the kids watch 14 hours straight of Inspector Gadget while I hide under the blankets and weep for school to start again? We'll see!

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